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Steering Through The U.S. Immigration System

Many of our clients are eagerly attempting to realize their goal of living in Miami or establishing a business in southern Florida. At the law office of La Rosa Law, P.A., we believe it is our job to make sure you can get here and stay here. Our attorneys are here to help you achieve success. While it may seem nearly impossible to navigate the obstacles and long list of requirements of the United States Citizenship And Immigration Services (USCIS) system, we will be alongside you from beginning to end.

Attempting to complete the citizenship and naturalization process without the assistance of a knowledgeable attorney could mean missteps that delay the processing of your application. Wherever you are in the process, call our experienced attorneys at (305) 908-3857 for the guidance you need.

Intimately Familiar With The Immigration Process

Attorney Jesus La Rosa and his associates have personal experience with immigration matters. He is highly knowledgeable of the statutes and case law of this ever-changing field of law. He follows up with clients promptly because time is of the essence for immigration matters such as:

  • Various waivers (perdones) – Including waivers for grounds for inadmissibility, provisional unlawful presence, joint filing requirements, visa waiver program and others
  • Motions to reopen (Mociones de reapertura para abrir casos ante la corte que ya tienen orden de deportación) – Including for appealing an unfavorable decision such as deportation
  • N-400 (Ciudadanía) – Application for naturalization
  • I-485 (Residencia) – Application to register permanent residence or adjust status
  • I-130 (Peticion familiar) – Petitions for an alien relative
  • I-751 (Petición para eliminar condiciones en residencia de matrimonio) – Conditional permanent residents who achieved their status through marriage can apply to remove those conditions
  • Work permits (Permisos de trabajo) – Employment authorization may include filing an I-765 and other forms; nonimmigrant work visas may also be filed for temporary or specialty occupations
  • Affirmative asylums (Asilos afirmativos) – Safeguarding those in removal proceedings before an immigration judge
  • Advance Parole (Salida del país con seguro para regresar) – A complex procedure USCIS uses to authorize the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to permit an alien to enter the U.S. as a parolee to continue working on pending application before DHS
  • U-Visa (Visa para victimas de crimenes) – Victims suffering physical or mental injuries as a result of certain crimes may qualify for immigration status
  • VAWA (visa para victimas de violencia de esposos/esposas) – Protecting those who are victims of domestic violence in their marriage

Attorney La Rosa assists individuals, families and businesses with the myriad processes, no matter their situation, including urgent humanitarian reasons. Do not let fear or confusion stand in your way of achieving your goals. Mr. La Rosa work with you to resolve your legal problem with an innovative and personalized strategy.

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Attorney La Rosa knows how to develop successful methods to address the puzzling USCIS requirements and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security restrictions. Contact La Rosa Law in Miami at (305) 908-3857 or send him an email to schedule your consultation. Hablamos Español.