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Florida’s Law Enforcement Can Be A Friend Or Foe Of Immigrants

On the one hand, law enforcement reports are instrumental to the smooth processing of a U visa if you have suffered a physical injury or mental anguish as a result of criminal activity. On the other hand, a conviction following an arrest for allegations of criminal activity can result in jail time and deportation. Florida’s local law enforcement officers work with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), but fairness and justice can hard to define without the assistance of an experienced immigration attorney.

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Do Not Be Afraid: An Attorney Can Help You Understand Your Rights

If you have suffered due to criminal activity, have information about the illegal actions of another or a crime, or can be helpful in investigating a crime or sentencing of a perpetrator of a crime, do not be afraid to step forward. You may qualify for a U nonimmigrant status visa. Certification from a law enforcement officer is critical to this application. The USCIS has a list of crimes that qualify, including those involving:

  • Abduction, kidnapping, being held hostage, false imprisonment
  • Abusive sexual contact, sexual assault, incest and rape
  • Domestic violence
  • Fraud in foreign labor contracts, human trafficking, sexual exploitation and prostitution
  • Involuntary servitude, the slave trade
  • Manslaughter and murder
  • Blackmail and extortion

Federal, state or local law enforcement authority, including judges, may complete the critical certification necessary for a U visa. Agencies with criminal investigative jurisdiction such as the Florida Department of Children and Families, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) or the Department of Labor may also complete the certificate. It is important to keep in mind that completion of the certification does not automatically grant a U visa. Before the USCIS grants a U visa, they will conduct a background check of the applicant and family members on the application.

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