Practice Areas

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Business Law

Passionate About Start-ups, Helping Businesses Of All Sizes And Providing Affordable Legal Services

Our clients range from blue-collar to technology start-ups and creatives. They are small and mid-sized business owners whose priority is running a successful business. Attorney Jesus La Rosa has the experience and loves helping entrepreneurs with entity formation and business structure, including governing documents, bylaws, issues related to tax status, and strategic planning.

An Outside General Counsel You Can Depend On

Our clients trust us to provide affordable legal services and ongoing guidance on creating employment contracts, unique compensation agreements, employee handbooks, as well as state and city licensing issues, business litigation & arbitration, commercial landlord/tenant disputes, trademarks and employment law compliance. Please think of us as your everyday resource to answer any ongoing legal questions which may arise throughout your business.

Raising Capital

Raising capital can be an essential part of a start-up’s business strategy. So whether your business is looking to issue employee stock options to retain talent, or whether you are looking to raise capital to achieve “product-market fit,” at the law office of La Rosa Law, P.A., we can make sure you get it right the first time.

Attorney Jesus La Rosa has experience issuing SAFEs, Incentive Stock Options, Nonqualified Stock Options, and even using Self-Directed IRAs. So don’t wait until you’ve violated securities laws or created tax liabilities for your team—schedule your consultation today.

Complex Commercial Litigation

La Rosa Law represents businesses of all sizes, focusing on complex litigation matters, including cases involving: breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duties, shareholder or member derivative actions, etc.


We are familiar with using Arbitration to settle disputes out of Court, a tool that often helps Clients reach definitive solutions sooner and for less.

Strategic Planning Regarding Business Ventures And Immigration

Our experience with immigration means that a significant number of our clients are owners of international small and mid-sized businesses looking to grow in the United States. Properly strategizing the move of your business into the United States can mean the difference between acquiring legal stratus and achieving business success and failing to do so. Early and accurate advice on these issues can make all the difference.