People from all over the world come to the United States to give their version of a lemonade stand a
shot. A little digging reveals its no easy feat. Time in the US is often limited by immigration laws and
expensive. Making difficult processes attainable is what we do here at La Rosa Law.

Opportunity: International business owners and companies wanting to expand into the US market on a
short timeline have several immigration solutions available to them. One of them is the L visa, which
allows companies to establish a new office in the US. Doing so gives the employee in charge of the
expansion a road to a green card.

Issue: The L-Visa requires that the business have a physical presence in the United States. Usually, this
means leasing office space. Doing so requires that the business open a bank account, which in turn
requires that it have an Employer ID Number (“EIN”) from the Internal Revenue Service (“IRS”).
However, a foreign national can’t apply for an EIN unless they have a Social Security Number (“SSN”), or
they’ve submitted a Form W-7 to obtain an Individual Tax ID Number (“ITIN”). Unfortunately, an ITIN
application can take 7 to 8 weeks to process, significantly delaying the expansion and any concurrent
immigration matters.

Solution: A foreign national can get an EIN for their business entity in the United States without an SSN
or ITIN, and in under two weeks by faxing form SS-4 to the IRS. These are the type of solutions one can
expect when you hire La Rosa Law for either immigration or Business Law solutions.
Once you have an EIN, you can open a bank account and sign a lease to meet the physical presence
requirement and submit the visa application. Achieving this in two rather than eight weeks can mean
the difference between success and failure. Count on us to deliver!